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I HIGHLY recommend SOLE Effects for any college student looking to volunteer, school looking to help their students grow, and philanthropists looking to make a difference. SOLE Effects is that difference.
— Jonathan Giani, Volunteer
This nonprofit exceeds the much needed relief for students experiencing adolescent stress and struggle as well as serving as a guide to navigate life’s many ups and downs.
— Kali Campbell, Program Guide
The program’s first year was so successful that the principal made it his goal that every student in the high school should pass through this program.
— Randeesue, Donor
SOLE Effects is more than just a non-profit organization, it is a family, a family that will always offer support and care. They truly believe in you. SOLE Effects changed my life, they made me believe in myself. If you ever have a chance to be a part of their program, TAKE IT!
— J. Bishop, Volunteer