PUSD Student/Family Resources

Veronica Ephraim
Counselor/Coordinator at the Caring Connections Center

PUSD Caring Connections Center

The Caring Connections Centeris a “family resource center” and part of the Student Assistance Program for the Poway Unified School District.  The focus of service is for students in grades K-12 who may be experiencing any of the following: difficult situations at home or in school, depression, continued academic failure, involvement in violence-related offenses, alcohol or other drug related behavior. Families may be referred by school personnel, or may choose to self-refer for assistance.

Student Support Services
PUSD Student Services

Liz Bowers
Student Services Specialist, Rancho Bernardo H.S.
Rancho Bernardo High School Student Support

Sheila Hatfield
Student Services Specialist, Mt. Carmel HS
Mt. Carmel High School Student Support