SOLE’s 10 Steps To Prevent/Overcome Anxiety

Sleep - America is sleep deprived, creating mental/physical illnesses!
Support - Identify a trusted person to talk to daily and as needed, a specialist!
Seek - Your physical best! Invest in holistic practices, exercise, nutrition, etc. 
Social Media - Create a device contract! Adults too! Common Sense Media
Stressors - Identify them, create a plan, and take action! 
Shift - Negative thoughts to positive by writing your thoughts down! 83 Benefits of Journaling
Schedules - Don’t let others determine YOUR schedule! GUARD your time! 
Stop - Unrealistic expectations! Talk with those around you what they expect of you!
Socialize -  Spend time with others! Family Dinners greatly impact mental health! Make it a priority!
 “The Family Dinner Project”!    The Family Dinner Project
Have Fun - Stop taking life so seriously and find moments of joy with others!